Nyi Nyi Tun Claim Ownership of Moe Hay Ko’s House

Nyi Nyi Tun, who is removing obvious as a beloved of Super Model Moe Hay Ko, done an proclamation on a Mirror Newspaper, on 31st of Oct 2012,  concerning with a Ownership of Moe Hay Ko’s House, No: 74/B, Than Lwin Street, in Yangon. According to the announcement, Nyi Nyi Tun and Aye Aye Khine, who is probable to be Super Model Moe Hay Ko, got matrimony given final 4 years ago, Apr 16, 2008. Nyi Nyi Tun bought this residence for Aye Aye Khine on Jul 2008 with a name of Aye Aye Khine. Now, Nyi Nyi Tun claimed not to re-sell, rent, send a tenure of this residence but his accede since of their un-stable relationship.

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Article source: http://www.myanmarcelebrity.com/2012/10/nyi-nyi-tun-claim-ownership-of-moe-hay.html

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